Pori safety & visiting instructions

Safety instructions for visitors

Safety instructions

The material can be found in the link below

  • Fill in the informant's information (first name, last name, email).
  • Choose induction as the focus.
  • Read the orientation material.
  • Fill in the required information (company, language, etc.)

Visiting instructions

Safety instructions for visitors

  • Register at the gate, where you will receive a visitor's card and a possible driver's license. Traffic rules, traffic signs and special caution must be followed in the factory area. Parking of cars is allowed only in marked places.
  • Wait for the organizer of the event in the office's lower lobby.
  • Keep the visitor card on display throughout your visit. The validity period and the organizer of the event and his contact information are recorded on the card. He will be responsible for you throughout your stay. If you don't know how to act, contact the organizer of the event.
  • Follow the instructions given by the event organizer and below:
    - personal protective equipment must always be worn when moving around production facilities (safety shoes, helmet, hearing protection, safety glasses, safety vest)
    - take into account moving equipment and work machines
    - don't get lost from the organizer of the event, stay on the routes
    - video and photography is prohibited without permission
    - consuming alcohol and other intoxicating substances and being under their influence is prohibited
    - smoking is allowed in the factory premises only in designated smoking areas
    - in case of emergency, the meeting place is the main gate. Pay attention to the safe exit route!
  • Return the visitor card and driver's license to the gate when you leave