Career story - Hannes

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"The payroll is never late"

Hannes (28), Foreman at Corex Finland's core factory in Loviisa

I have been working at Corex Finland’s core factory in Loviisa for over a year. I moved to Corex after the acquisition, when they bought the Liljendal core factory. I stayed there for seven years under the previous owner, mainly working on the core machine, in post-cutting and at the warehouse. I did many kinds of jobs.

My uncle advised me to apply for a job at the Liljendal core factory. I am an electrical and automation installer by training, and he said that summer jobs could be available. I worked at the Liljendal factory for several summers before getting a permanent job there.

Large company but still as flexible as a small company

I believe Corex is a good employer because, even though it’s a large company, it is also a flexible one. For example, I've always had time off when I needed it.

The Loviisa factory is a suitably sized, close-knit and flexible work community. Employee benefits, such as the fringe benefits, various recreational days, and mini ‘Christmases’ are also nice. And the payroll is never late.

The best thing about my job is its variability, which brings new challenges every day. I also solve different problems daily, which I truly enjoy.

Leading large team is very variable job

At Loviisa core factory, I started working with the core machine and took a foreman job after about a year. I have only been in this position for a few months.

I work a day job and I have eleven subordinates. My working days are different and the work is interesting.

My job includes, among other things, ordering raw materials, monitoring production and getting replacements to replace sick employees. Moreover, I strive to solve problems that may arise in production. For example, if something breaks down with the core machine, I involve maintenance and discuss what needs to be done.

If necessary, I delegate work. In general, I try to make everything work flexibly.

Corex is a great workplace for someone interested in machines because pretty much all work here is done with them.

At the moment, I want to focus on my new position and forget about future opportunities. At some point, I’ll start thinking about the next steps, as moving forward is a must.