Career story - Kasper

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"A company of an ideal size where everything runs smoothly

Kasper (23), Production Operator at Corex Finland's recycled pulp plant operating in sync with Pori coreboard mill

Pori cardboard factory has been my workplace for almost three years now. My career at Corex actually started already back in 2018, when I joined to work as a packer for post-processing at the Pori cardboard factory. Since then, I have learned the rest of the post-processing and loading tasks. Now I work at a recycling plant.

I believe that Corex has the ideal size as a company. Neither a small company anymore nor a company with hundreds of employees, where reaching anyone proves nearly impossible. At Corex, everything runs smoothly and the apprenticeship I did there also went as agreed.

Challenging issues can also be openly discussed

In an employer, I value straightforwardness, i.e. mutual trust and the ability to discuss even difficult matters. The employer also offers good employee support. There is a sports benefit and we receive a production bonus for good results.

The best thing about my job is I can influence many things myself. While goals are clearly set, you can influence the path to get there. A good team is also key and helps get to work every morning.

I am on a three-shift schedule. Teams exchange jobs in the department daily and no one stays on the same jobs permanently.

As the working day starts, we look through the order book, i.e. what is running and what is coming next. Moreover, we review shift events and potential problem areas with the prior shift’s employees. No two working days in a row look the same.

A great work place!

Before joining Corex, I worked in the metal industry at a zinc foundry and a bakery. I ended up at Corex when a friend mentioned that the company was looking for summer employees. I first worked at Corex in three different periods and I got a permanent job in the spring of 2022.

My goal here is to learn everything production-related while internalizing which thing affects what in the process.

In the future I would like to operate a cardboard machine, although this would require further hiring. Someone else should take my place first, and then I can start my training as a machine operator.

I can also recommend Corex as a workplace to others because the company is well-run. If you don't mind getting your hands dirty sometimes and you’re OK with shift work, then this is a fine place to work.