Career story - Petri

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"An employer who is willing to develop"

Petri (57), Maintenance Operator at Corex Finland's Pori coreboard mill

I started working in the mechanical maintenance department of Corex Finland's Pori cardboard factory about two and a half years ago. I have been in the same job as a maintenance operator the whole time and I think I’ll keep at it until retirement. It's coming up in about two and a half years when I turn 60.

I appreciate Corex’s financial stability and Pori’s good and open work community. We are upfront and discuss things directly, calling things by their name. It is also great that, based on the personnel survey, it seems that the employer is also keen on independent development.

The best thing about my job is the nice colleagues, the work versatility – a motivation factor no doubt – and the chance of doing flexible working hours. Before retiring, I would still have the experience of my many years of work and a long career to transfer to my colleagues and employer for their benefit.

Varied day job

The maintenance operator work in the mechanical maintenance department is a day job. During my working day, I do, for example, pre-maintenance work and go around the factory inspecting and repairing equipment and doing various installation work.

This is a relatively varied job and no two working days look the same. I am one of the responsible installers at the cardboard factory. I currently work on a cardboard machine, but previously I worked at a recycling plant next to a cardboard factory.

Regarding mechanical maintenance, the factory is divided into sections, and our responsibility areas and tasks change about every six months. This brings variety to work.

Solid employer offering ample opportunities

Before joining Corex, I spent 34 years at a pigment manufacturer in the chemical industry. I was responsible for various mechanical maintenance tasks. Unfortunately, my workplace burned down and the job ended. After that, I was at home for more than a year, until I saw Corex's summer job advertisement in the newspaper.

I took a summer job at the Pori cardboard factory, and my employment contract was extended right after the summer until the end of the year. Then I was away for a few months, but in the spring of 2021 I returned to work with a fixed-term contract. In November 2021, my position was confirmed.

Corex is a great workplace for younger employees because stable and good employers offer a wide range of training and advancement opportunities.

And they also offered me a job, even if some say that people over fifty can't work anymore. And yet, here I am.