The most exciting jobs in Finland

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Once again, Corex Finland's Pori cardboard factory ranks among the most inspiring workplaces in Finland

Corex Finland's cardboard factory in Pori received Finland's most inspiring workplaces recognition for the second time this year. The last time the factory was awarded the same recognition was in 2019.

Finland's most inspiring workplaces is a recognition for organisations that have achieved excellent results in the personnel survey conducted by Eezy Flow.

Eezy Flow has been awarding organizations since 2015. It conducts surveys – with over 150,000 respondents – for hundreds of Finnish organizations every year.

– It’s great news that the personnel experience at Corex's Pori factory exceeds the level of external reference material when the comparison target is Finland's general standard 2022, says a happy Kirsi Mustonen-Saari, Corex Finland Oy's HR specialist.

Pori factory's PeoplePower index is above the Finnish average

The PeoplePower index, which measures the overall result of the Pori cardboard factory's personnel survey, stands now at 71.7, that is, 3.2 points above the general Finnish value.

The PeoplePower personnel research concept reveals the commitment and enthusiasm of personnel along with any influencing factors.

The concept includes four indexes that describe different things. The commitment index tells about the loyalty and commitment of personnel; the management index tells about the quality of management through the experience of the employees; the performance index describes what kind of conditions for effective operation is provided by the everyday practices of the workplace; the dedication index tells how solid is the attitude of the personnel towards their work and the organization.

The Pori factory's PeoplePower rating, that is, the overall result in relation to the reference material, is AA, meaning ‘good.’ This level is reached by 38% of the hundreds of Finnish companies participating in Eezy Flow's personnel survey.

Behind commitment, there is faith in the factory's future

Among the PeoplePower indices, the engagement index is relatively the strongest. It is reinforced by the personnel's experiences of the organization's correct development direction and promising future.

For the Pori factory, changes to the commitment, performance and dedication indices compared to the previous survey are positive and at a good level compared with external reference material. The strongest one is precisely measuring commitment.

- The fact that the commitment index is raised most by the personnel's experience of the right development direction at Pori factory and their belief in its promising future is great news, says Mustonen-Saari.

Pori factory's strenghts lie in its fair personnel treatment

According to the personnel survey, the strengths of Corex's Pori factory include issues related to employer image and management culture. The personnel believes in Pori factory’s development direction, and customers feel that excellent products and services are being produced. Furthermore, the personnel feels that treatment is fair and equal.

As for management culture, Pori factory’s strengths that stand out include for example, fair remuneration and consultation of personnel when making decisions.