Summer at Corex - Mico

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"This is a nice job, where the best thing is the colleagues"

Mico Kurvi (19), process operator at Corex Finland's Imatra core saw

"I found Corex's summer job by chance online. My mother suggested that it would be worth looking at the advertisements of the companies in the factory area, and that's how I found Corex. I called and inquired more about the duties and I was selected for the position after completing a small math test.

Basically, I had three options for this summer's workplace, but I chose Corex Finland, because the company made a very positive impression on me.

During the interview, the employers/supervisors were genuinely nice and interested in me. The size of the work community also influenced my decision, because I knew that I would quickly get to know other employees. It sounded nice that everyone knows each other.

I have a high school background and in the fall I will start studying social sciences at the university. I didn't actually have any experience in this field, but I have been in some construction work and have done forestry through my family. I worked in a store one summer and I have also worked as a yard worker.

A small work community where I also know the people

I work at Corex Imatra’s location as a process person. There are two sawmills here, where we work alternately.

I have a work partner, so I don't always have to work alone. My work shifts vary depending on the three-shift work, in which case I work an eight-hour shift in the morning, evening or in the night.

The work shift always starts with a short conversation, where we go over the most important things, such as the operation of the equipment and possible larger orders. Duties include sawing, quality assurance, loading and also cleaning. Occupational safety is important, and I make sure that everything is done safely.

Colleagues are definitely the best thing about this job. It's nice when the work community is small enough that I also know the other employees.

Our work community consists of employees of different ages, and I have gotten to know everyone very well. It's great that we also have older employees who know a lot about the company and the work. You can always get help from them if needed.

Work matters remain at the workplace

When I started here, I was given a comprehensive introduction. There was a lot of new information at the beginning, but I was able to absorb it surprisingly well. It has been rewarding to notice that the work is starting to flow and I can do my tasks independently without constant guidance.

This job requires a good memory and number control, but you don't need to be a math genius. Basic math gets you far. If you remember numbers and can count in your head, it makes the work easier. Of course, you have to be efficient and responsible at work.

All in all, you can say that this is a nice job. If you do your part at work during the day, then the work matters remain at the workplace. Fussing unnecessarily does not help, because the work never ends and there is always something to do.

Things are handled well

Things are handled well at Corex Finland. Here, we know what one person is capable of and is given appropriate responsibility, not too much for one person.

Others trust that we know our work, and on the other hand, we can influence the work ourselves. Work and the work environment are shaped according to how the employee wants it. Of course, the assigned tasks must be done.

I could very well see myself continuing to work at Corex Finland in the future. The company is extensive, with not only process work but also administrative work. I could see that this field is developing all the time and the industry needs can also change."